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If you’re new to SEO, you have no idea what Conversion Optimization, or Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), as it’s also known, actually means.  The simplest way to define Conversion Optimization is to say that it’s a plan for increasing the number of website visitors who actually are converted into customers or take some specific desired action on the web page, all without actually increasing the numbers of website traffic itself.

For example, an obvious conversion would be a customer who makes a purchase from your website, but other examples of conversion can be submitting a web form (such as signing up for a newsletter), or signing up for a free trial of a program.  This plan for increasing conversions often includes changes to your search ads, landing pages, and the overall design of your website, to make them more pleasing and more interesting to potential customers.

Content Continues to Be King

According to SEO agency Sydney, “Content is king,” continues to be true.  Give your audience compelling content that is both interesting and useful to them.  The best writing in the world is useless if it’s not relevant to your intended audience, and in keyword searches.  This includes content in your advertising spaces, along with any content you provide via social media and your company website itself.

First Impressions Matter

Your landing page is the single most important part of your business website.  This is the first page that internet visitors see when they go your website, and you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Make sure that your landing page can live up to the promises in your advertising, and create a page that draws people in and makes them want to explore your website.  It may take some experimenting before you come up with the perfect landing page, experimenting which is most commonly done by an A/B test.  This means creating two different pages and seeing which design draws the highest percentage of site visitors to convert.

The Test Approach to Conversion Optimization

Data Collection

This is the biggest part of testing, the collection of the data.  This data can be either in number or text form, and the data is used to figure out which of the data subsets have the greatest predictive power of customer behavior.  For example, which age group is more likely to make a purchase on your website?

Form the Hypothesis

A hypothesis is a suggested explanation for something.  It can be used to explain why changes are being made, and must be based on observation of the data collected.  It also must be measurable and able to be tested.  Using the previous section of data collection, a hypothesis could be as simple as a statement that if the landing page has a particular font, more customers will convert.

Goals of Optimization

What’s your goal for conversion optimization?  Do you want visitors to make a purchase from the website?  Do you want them to sign up for the weekly newsletter?  Do you want them to sign up for a free trial?  Set your goal for conversions, and set up your strategy, according to that goal.

Making Decisions in Real Time

This means that the business goals are optimized (and hopefully, achieved), while still making sure that the business rules are enforced.  Be very sure that you are still following good business practices, which trying to achieve a higher conversion rate of website visitors.

Statistical Learning

This means using the data that has been collected to distinguish true effects of your website changes from chance, random events that just happen for no apparent reason.  Look for trends in the data, and discard what’s knowns as outliers, data that falls outside of the most common bits of information collected.  For example, if people of a particular age group consistently go to one page of your website, you can assume that to be a true effect.  If the occasional person wanders to another page, but there are no consistent numbers of visitors to that page, you can assume that to be a random event

This article is really on the tip of the iceberg for an explanation of Conversion Optimization, but it highlights the most important aspects of it, and it provides a good starting place for making changes in your website to increase your website conversions.  Whether that conversion is subscribing to an email list, or making a purchase, it’s important to keep those potential customers on your website and make them want to take action.

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