The Best SEO Secret I Know

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The past two decades have seen plenty of people from all sorts of web development backgrounds use search engine optimization in some meaningful way. And, what’s the most meaningful way to utilize search engine optimization? It’s not a secret, after all. Here’s a clue: the secret’s in the name.

To use search engine optimization effectively, you need to have a good understanding of its fundamentals—fundamentals that ultimately help webmasters target several different facets of search. Nowadays, SEO is used to target various types of search, including academic search, news search, image search, video search, local search and general keyword searches.

After all, SEO is pretty much is the art behind optimizing content for search engines. SEO helps people find things on the web the way they naturally search for that particular thing. Search engine optimization is key to connecting people to the information and websites they need on a regular basis.

And guess what: search engine optimization is actually a lot simpler than what some would think.

The Best SEO Secrets I Know….

Search, from the outside looking in, looks pretty simple doesn’t it? But on the inside, search gets pretty complicated. In fact, the world of search is so complicated that many SEO experts still don’t know all of its nuances. It doesn’t hurt to try to learn, though.

So yeah, SEO is filled with plenty of secrets. Anyone who knows anything about SEO has a secret—and we’re fortunate enough to have those people shares those secrets with us. The following information is a bit of a peek into how SEO experts work… in the form of secrets we should know.

Secret #1: Don’t rely on the same bag of tricks—keep innovating to build trust.

Innovation is key in modern SEO. The same bag of tricks from a decade ago no longer work as well as they used to work. Thanks to this, plenty of people are now finding new ways to implement SEO in a more meaningful way.

Innovation 1


Meaningful content, Authoritative content, Engagement that builds trust. The new way to implement SEO is heavy on interaction and building trust more than ever. So, you can say the key behind SEO innovation is just that: building trust.

Secret #2: Search rankings need relevant content + targeted search activity.

The key to SEO in 2015 is this: search rankings are said to be heavily weighted against providing relevant content to end users that also generates high quality (and sometimes editorial driven) links. But not a lot of people understand how to get there.

Digital Marketing


Here’s that secret. It’s about providing value to a select group of end users who may want to share your content via their network: their sites, blogs and perhaps exchanging links with others associated with them. Building a relationship with this particular group first is the real secret behind successfully utilizing SEO to target effectively.

Secret #3: Use the right tools to reach success.

You can’t successfully use SEO without relying on the right tools. Without the right tools, you probably won’t know if anything that you do works. I mean, SEO is already tricky to understand… omitting essential tools just makes utilizing the practice a lot harder for you.

SEO Tool Boxes


The following tools are must haves in any SEO tool box:

Google Analytic keeps track of several aspects of a website, notably its web traffic, traffic sources and it even measures web conversions and sales. Going by that alone, it’s pretty easy to see why people use this essential tool. Google provides a free and premium version, which hosts advanced features.

Google Webmaster Tools gives webmasters everything they need to successfully optimize their web domain. In fact, it’s noted for allowing ‘webmasters to check their website indexing status and further optimize the visibility of their website.’

Buzz stream’s best known for helping webmasters organize a link building campaign and connect with like-minded websites to further bolster their network.

SERPIQ displays hundreds of keyword ops in just minutes, while also providing a detailed breakdown showing why competitors rank well with certain keywords.

Majestic SEO tracks how sites in the web link back to one another. It’s probably the largest link intelligence database on the web so far, showing a lot of detailed information regarding how sites link back to one another.

Secret #4: Always follow the best SEO practices out there.

Okay, this might not seem like much of a secret, but it actually is a good secret.

You see, a lot of people read too much into SEO, assuming certain practices are the right way to go about things. In reality, all search engines want webmasters to do is follow what they suggest to make their sites reliability and authentically gain presence on the web via their so-called networks.

Today’s SEO is about content, site architecture and great inbound links. Let’s look at that in detail:

Inbound links: According to longtime SEO experts, search engines like Google wanted to create a way to allow sites to link back to each other, much like academics would cite each others resources. Link building is actually about that: building a network of high quality and authoritative links to serve as an ‘information network.’

Content: Understandable, engaging and authoritative content is king. Make sure your content satiates what your audience is looking to read.


Site Architecture: Site structure is often overlooked, but it’s not as confusing as some would assume. Having an easy to navigate website and easy to understand web code information (specifically your site’s title and Meta description tags) goes a long way in making your site more understandable to search engines.

SEO Chart


In other words: SEO is about building a well-crafted (great look, clean code and great performance) site with quality information that encourages others to link back to you, thanks to your authoritative content.

Doesn’t that look simple? Well, it is. SEO nowadays revolves around following those particular standards to a T—even our previous secrets touch upon those fundamentals in some way. And, as they say, anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something!

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