The Most Under-Utilized Google AdWords Feature

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Google Adwords

Google AdWords is, by far, the most popular way to advertise on the web. The Google run advertising service allows businesses and savvy individuals to place advertisements on Google’s search engine results pages (also known as SERPs). If you search on Google now, you’d see some form of advertisement on the top and side of the search results page—that’s Google AdWords at work.

AdWords offers various options for savvy businesses and individuals who want to expand their presence on the web. The service provides pay per click (PPC), cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (pay per 1000 views), site targeted advertising (all web ad types) and re-targeting. The advertising service includes all forms of distribution—international, national and locally-based advertising programs.

Google’s popular take on web advertising naturally has standards, too. Their text-based advertisements are characteristically short. They generally consists of one headline (25 characters), two lines of text (35 characters each) and a display URL (35 characters). Image based AdWords advertisements need to follow the Interactive Advertising Bureau standards.

Even though Google AdWords is ‘king of all web advertising services,’ it doesn’t mean people are actually using it to its fullest potential. In fact, a lot of the problems that stem from using Google AdWords are issues that probably could have been prevented… if only that particular user took the time to look into what AdWords truly offers.

Many of Google AdWords’ features work well, but not all of them are as popular as you’d think. So, in this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most underutilized features of Google AdWords.

The Most Under-Utilized Google AdWords Features

Google AdWords is constantly updated—perhaps more than you’d think. When Google doesn’t roll out a big update, they’re constantly tweaking the ‘inner workings’ of the service, ultimately making it a much better service to use over time. They even ‘clean up’ features that may have not worked as well as they initially thought. At the same time, they introduce new features that people are still attempting to master.

Everyone has their favorites. When it comes to AdWords, some of those so-called favorites are actually some of the most used features in the service. But what about the underutilized features? Well, let’s take a look at few of them….

Display Ad Builder

Display ads don’t come from nowhere. They have to be designed in a way that works with your Display campaign. And, interestingly enough, experts found out that about 68 percent of Display ads were merely cleverly designed text-based ads.

These ads were actually found to have a lower click through rate than display advertisements. Interesting, right?

Image-based display ads, on the other hand, were found to have a much higher click through rate. So, you know what that means: use Google’s Display Ad Builder.

Ad Display

This essential tool helps users design effective and eye-catching display ads for Display campaigns. You don’t need expert graphic design skills, either. The tool lets you use existing website graphics to create a simple ad that will surely interest a prospect more than just a text ad.

Demographic Targeting with a Twist

Google’s Demographic Targeting tool lets you target the nuances of your target audience. Nuances that show how complex your audience demographics may be.

This tool lets you view your campaign’s performance by certain demographics parameters, such as gender, age range and parental status.

Demographic Targeting with a Twist


You can even view different demographic combos to see what groups overlap the most via Demographic Combinations. This lets you see what groups are more likely to click through or view your advertisements, giving you a better idea of your target audience.

AdWords Reporting

You might think that everyone uses AdWords reporting, but far too many people don’t. That’s why it’s safely considered a rather underutilized feature. Simply put, AdWords reporting is, by far, the most powerful feature of AdWords. AdWords reporting shows the results of your efforts—that alone is the biggest reason why it shouldn’t be overlooked at all.

Adwords Report

So, what reports should you check out, besides the basics? Here are a few suggestions offered up by the experts:

  • Top vs. Other (under Segment drop-down menu) tracks ad performance in Top positions or Other positions. It shows what positions may work best for you.
  • Top Movers (under Dimensions > View drop-down menu) shows the changes in your ad performance, in addition to where those changes happened. It allows you to compare changes across several parameters, such as campaign categories and time periods.
  • Segment by Distance (under Dimensions drop-down menu) shows where your consumers may be coming from. It essentially reveals consumer data that can help you further refine your campaign based on their location habits.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are also another ‘should be essential’ feature that’s overlooked by many AdWords users. This feature helps garner more attention to your ad campaigns, while also adding functionality to advertisements that ultimately end up boosting their click through rates.

Ad Extention

Google further refined this feature by adding on Format Impact, which changed how ad rank gets calculated. Format Impact is a bonus that users get for using some type of site extension, which have the potential to bolster site positions for less cost.

Utilizing Automation

Automation saves time. At the same time, however, it can cost beginners and even expert users if they don’t understand how to effectively use this powerful feature.

This feature can be customized to control certain facets of your campaign, such as turning off the campaign after it hits its target budget or even pausing the campaign during certain hours or days.

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