The Single Best Piece of SEO Advice in 2015

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Search engine optimization is actually a lot simpler than what some people might think. In fact, the past two decades have seen plenty of people from all sorts of web development backgrounds use search engine optimization in a meaningful way.



And, what’s the most meaningful way to utilize search engine optimization? Here’s a clue: it’s in the name.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the art behind optimization content for search engines. SEO simply helps people find things on the web in the way they naturally search for that particular thing. SEO is simply the key to effectively connecting people to information and websites on a regular basis.

Utilizing search engine optimization starts with understanding its fundamentals. Those fundamentals help webmasters target several different facets of search. As of now, SEO is used to target various types of search, including academic search, news search, image search, video search, local search and general keyword searches.

Speaking of keywords, keywords along with link building are long standing staples of search engine optimization. While they might not be the most effective ways to utilize the practice nowadays, both act as an enhancer to the biggest focus of modern SEO: originally curate content.

That brings us to this article. What’s the best piece of advice anyone could get regarding SEO this year? 2015 looks to be, so far, continuing a push toward originally curate content. Search engines, including Google, certainly seem to be pushing that going forward. So, in this article, let’s review some of the ‘best’ advice anyone could get regarding SEO in 2015.

The Single Best Piece of Advice… For SEO in 2015

SEO, so far, looks to be continually evolving into something more refined. No longer can you just slap a few keywords onto a page and call it a day. There’s a lot more to the practice than that, just like there’s no single bit of advice regarding SEO in general.

The following bits of information are some of the ‘best bits’ of advice anyone could get regarding SEO in 2015. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  1. ‘SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.’

Given the numerous changes that have occurred over the past five years alone, most people should know the implications of the aforementioned statement. It’s because SEO is still changing.

It changed back in 2011 when Google unleashed Panda, mass-penalizing content for being low quality, duplicated and/or spam. It changed when Google further refined their ‘algorithm upgrades’ to reward webmasters for providing informative and authorize content. Today, such an MO continues… and that, of course, makes webmasters nervous about how to successfully use SEO in this so-called changed landscape.

SEO Marathon


But understand this: to understand SEO in 2015 involves knowing that SEO isn’t about instant gratification. Forget that—there’s millions of websites on the web. It’s not that easy to rank. But if you do take your time, use SEO wisely and make sure your site content is up to today’s standards, SEO will work for you in the long run. Trust us on that one.

  1. ‘Create something, anything that inspires natural feedback.’

This one’s a new one. It plays right into a newly implemented ‘feature’ of the web nowadays: the reliance on feedback. People who use search engines nowadays look for some type of feedback, whether it’s about a movie, about television, music or even a product they’re planning to buy. Decades ago, before the web was everywhere, people relied on the web for access to knowledge. While that’s still in play today, what most people do search for amounts to glorified feedback?

Organic Feed back


As a webmaster in 2015, utilizing SEO to its fullest means creating an organic environment that inspires natural feedback. If you have a product or service that, well, makes people talk, it’s up to you to provide your customers or followers a platform to express their opinion. Social media and blog posts are a great way to give your audience a way to speak. And let’s not forget: the more people who do use your site as a posting ground, the more other people will find your site if they happen to search for related keywords.

  1. ‘Garner trust from your followers and establish a relationship.’

The mantra was always ‘content is king.’ Nowadays, however, that mantra’s evolved to ‘authoritative content is king.’ It plays into our ‘give them a reason’ theme: if people don’t have a reason to find your site, how will your site rank in the first place?

Content is King

Human visitors aren’t your only audience, either. The search engines are, too. Most search engines, with Google leading the pack, more or less rank sites based on what they surmise will provide human end users with a trustworthy experience. As in, site that do rank within the first three pages — search engine results pages or SERPS — are the sites most relevant to their search terms or the, well, things they’re looking for.

The idea here is that… you want people to use your site as a resource. So, what’s the best way to do that? Well… provide them with what they’re looking for. Search engines are there to help guide your prospective audience to your content.

And, what’s the best way to get people to view your content… that’s right. SEO. As long as you use SEO — like strategically placed keywords, organic links, authoritative content — you’ll be able to build trust between your human audience and search engines. That’s pretty much the most important part about that.

  1. ‘High competition isn’t the best competition.’

Although highly competitive keywords do lead you to a bigger audience out of the gate, it’s not the best way to build traffic. Think about it for a second: do bigger crowds really provide a smaller entity more business over time?


If you’re just starting out, a highly competitive set of keywords may indeed work against you. You’ll have to fight it out with many other sites just to get any type of exposure from your target audience—if you could even land on the first ten SERPs, the only SERPs that do matter.

Instead of going for the gold when you’re starting, target ‘on the radar’ keywords or key phrases with enough traffic, but not too much to be over-saturated. It’s best to target a handful of keywords at a time for the best results in building visibility over time.

If you are looking for help with your SEO strategy get in touch with the team at Synq Digital who can help you achieve your online goals.


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